Two brothers have teamed up to create a community for yacht crew

Oct 15, 2021 by Scott Luxor

Two brothers team up to create community and connection among yacht crew.

Capt. Warren Techow wants to get yacht crew in MOCEAN … the new app MOCEAN, that is. A social media platform for the yachting industry, the app was an idea that came to Techow and his brother, Brad, by combining the words “motion” and “ocean.” Fitting, since life on the seas is always on the move.

“Right now, our main focus is helping connect crew with one another, but we hope that non-crew members will join as well, as this is a community for all yachting professionals,” Brad Techow said.

While MOCEAN isn’t trying to compete with the likes of Facebook or Meetup, there are elements of each that give the app an instant usefulness, especially to yacht crew. The social component is critical. “The majority of the yachting industry is made up of international people,” Warren noted. “It’s always great to find your fellow South Africans or Australians, for example, and just be able to hang out.”

Users have the ability to see who’s around them, send messages to each other from within the app, see a map view of events happening nearby, and share an event they are hosting.  “The industry is very social, and our goal is to simplify the way the community can connect and engage with one another,” Brad said.

One difference between MOCEAN and something like Facebook is that people in this app are who they say they are, because the app uses third-party verification software. The brothers wanted to ensure a safe place for crew to ask questions of each other and to have in-person meetups.

When it comes to being social on a face-to-face basis, MOCEAN emphasizes doing so with a purpose — usually one that benefits the environment. Weekly meetups include such activities as beach cleanups and paddleboard events. “At our paddling meetup, we all paddle down the canals and pick up trash off of the water,” Warren said. “Every little bit helps, and we try to do our part.”

The free MOCEAN app is available for iPhone and Android devices. You can also check out upcoming events at, or follow MOCEAN Community on Facebook/Instagram.