Skip the Fuel Dock With New Lineup of Electric Outboard Motors

Oct 5, 2021 by Kevin Koenig

Flux Marine debuted its lineup of fully electric outboard motors at the 2021 Newport International Boat Show in late September. Leveraging the latest in battery technology and solid-state components, these motors deliver clean and powerful propulsion without the pollution of their gasoline and diesel-powered counterparts.

They are “virtually silent” and extremely lightweight, according to CEO Ben Sorkin, with the largest, a 70-hp model, tipping the scales at just 130 pounds. The company also offers 15-hp and 40-hp models, but is able to custom scale power output to meet most customer requirements.

Notably, these outboards — which are compatible with standard 120V, 240V and EV fast-charging stations — never need to visit the fuel dock and don’t require the maintenance of standard combustion motors. They feature proprietary batteries and control architecture specially designed for marine motors, quiet belt drives and a high-output drive train system capable of high continuous discharge. Incorporating a heat exchanger into the motor’s lower unit eliminates the need for seawater circulation, according to the company, and a custom throttle system includes an LED display providing predictive range and speed output, and integrates GPS and mobile connectivity.

Green technology is where it’s at these days, particularly when it comes to propulsion. With a powerful and aesthetically pleasing package, Flux just may be the next big thing you’ll see hanging off of transoms everywhere.

Headquartered in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, Flux Marine is accepting preorders for its lineup of 15-hp, 40-hp, and 70-hp electric outboard standalone models, as well as several boat packages with up to 100 hp. For more information, visit