Ask Bugsy! Unsavory sleeping arrangements

Jan 24, 2022 by Triton Staff

"I was just offered a great job as chief stew on a 60m yacht. It was the perfect position and I was so excited! Then, at the last minute, the captain added this stipulation: I would have to share his cabin (which has one bed!). I was shocked and horrified. Obviously, I did not take the job, but now I am wondering if I should report this somehow, or at least post warnings about this captain in crew social media groups? My friends say to just move on, but I am still so angry about it."  — Not Me Too!                                                                                                                              

Nope, absolutely not, this is ridiculous! I’m so shocked to hear this has happened to you, and so sorry to hear it. This is most definitely something you should report. Nowadays, there are clear guidelines with regards to co-sharing based on MLC stipulations to protect crew from these uncomfortable situations.

What larger vessels over the 50m range offer that should attract crew is the requirement to run ISM and MLC if they operate under commercial register or charter. This seems strange that a 60m vessel can operate so freely under these hiring stipulations towards a female crew member — we see these things more often in smaller vessels with captains and owners with slightly more laissez-faire ideas and less oversight from flag and onshore management .

Reporting should go to flag and onshore management. Unfortunately, very often in a private program these things can go unanswered if there has been no actual misconduct. However, what reporting the incident does accomplish is to bring the issue to light and create a trail.

Unfortunately, not enough is done yet about these situations regarding good people put in uncomfortable situations, and we sometimes see the industry old guard protect their own more often than not .

My opinion is any vessel that size without the oversight to clamp down on this is by no means a well-operated and lucrative program for any crew member — and you’re better off without that job! You’re worth a lot more and deserve a job that is not only awesome, but also provides a safe and comfortable environment! Never settle!