Cool Things

Jan 24, 2022 by Triton Staff

Triton’s favorite new products pack a powerful ‘Wow!’

Triton Submersible AVA 660

The Triton AVA 660 model’s patented design and hull shape minimize  displacement and optimize interior space to give every seat an incredible view while keeping the weight down to 11 metric tons for ease of loading and unloading from the deck. Seats pilot +8 guests Starting at $5.65 million.

Digital Sextant

It’s the first standalone, electronic digital sextant able to identify a vessel’s position in seconds by recognizing celestial bodies. It works whether stationary or moving, and is easy to operate with no training required. The perfect backup in case of problems with the GPS system.

Sonihull Eco Systems

Sonihull Eco Systems utilizes ultrasonic transducers to produce increasing and decreasing pressures that create a cleansing effect on surfaces. It works on both vessel interior and exterior components, from hulls and propellers to cooling systems and tanks. And it releases no microplastics. Price ranges from $1,500 to $10,500.

Blu3 Nomad

Nomad is a tankless dive system that floats like a buoy and pumps compressed air from the surface of the water through a 40-foot hose instantaneously each time the diver takes a breath. It has a maximum depth rating of 30 feet (9m), and each battery lasts about 60 minutes. Plus, it’s ultra-portable — it even fits in carry-on luggage  or a backpack! Price ranges from $1,899 to $2,949.