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Jan 24, 2022 by Christine Davis

Who better than former crew to devise the most helpful platforms for crew?

Been there. Done that. And now, these ex-crew have created software packages to make the lives of working captains and crew easier and more efficient.

Based out of Australia, a team of yachting professionals led by veteran superyacht captain David Clarke has launched The company’s Total Superyacht software, designed for vessel/fleet management and compliance, streamlines day-to-day operations. Its LUXE app add-on contains a content library of expert care and maintenance procedures. “Other yacht management systems are shells that have to be populated,” Clarke said. “Total Superyacht provides blocks of content included in the software, so it cuts down the amount of time it takes to set the system up, and the content is 100 percent customizable.” Price ranges from €200 to €390 monthly, depending on the tier of service.

Based out of Fort Lauderdale and Newcastle, Australia, offers planned maintenance software for yachts via a web-based cloud application with a native mobile app for iOS and Android. It was created by Matthew Hyde and Sam Wheaton, who worked on yachts as chief engineers. With eight modules, engineers can manage maintenance tasks, record and access vessel equipment information and warranties, check and track inventory, track and manage projects, and gain knowledge through fluid analysis. “We will travel to the vessel and put together a full equipment list of what’s installed on the boat,” Wheaton said. “We will read each manual and work with the shipyard to understand what maintenance needs to be done to keep the boat in the best working order.” They then populate the account and hand over the logins, so the system is ready to go from Day One. Licensing starts at $1 per foot per month.

Monaco-based co-founder Tony Stout, who started his crew career as a deckhand and finished as a chief officer, has launched an “Amazon-like” marketplace for the yachting world. Yachtneeds already has 45,000 products live and aims for 350,000 by the end of 2022. With provisioners and other sellers in one system, crew have one place to buy everything they need for every department on board. Once an order is placed, the seller receives and packages the order, then invites the carrier to collect it that day or the following day.  “The future of buying is online,” Stout said. “It is fast and efficient. You know what you are ordering, and what you will receive.” The European marketplace is now up and running, with the USA marketplace expected to launch mid-April. Currently a web-based platform, Yachtneeds has plans for an app as well. Crew can register for free on the site.


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