Oh, no, not the slide again!

Jan 24, 2022 by Christine Davis

New inflatable play system aims to ease crew pain

It’s a fact, says Mark Anastasia, founder and CEO of AquaBanas: Inflatables and slides are great fun for owners and charterers — not so much for captains and crew. “Durability is one problem, storing them is another,” he said. And so were born AquaBanas: floating, inflatable entertainment centers designed in easily launchable modules. By connecting components, crew can manifest an instant party city, complete with floating bar, picnic area or even a private pool within the ocean. When the fun is done, the Banas can be easily disconnected and stored away. The typical charter package includes a slide, a pool, a push-off platform that connects to the yacht’s transom, a lounger, and a tent, with a price tag of about $30,000, says Anastasia. “And two-to-three crew can put them all together in about 45 minutes.”

For more information, visit aquabanas.com.


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