YACHTNEEDS Launches an Industry 1st

Jan 24, 2022 by Triton Staff

YACHTNEEDS Launches an Industry 1st, Superyacht Specific Marketplace

Monaco-based YACHTNEEDS has launched YACHTNEEDS marketplace, the 1st of its kind within  the superyacht industry. The hyperlocal marketplace helps yacht crew, guests, and yacht  owners source superyacht specific products from 100’s of local sellers around Europe and soon  to be in the USA. 

YACHTNEEDS marketplace is a custom-built platform that brings together 100’s of local, hand selected, superyacht specific sellers on one easy-to-use and secure website. Allowing crew to  search for and buy 1000’s of superyacht specific products and have their orders securely  delivered to their yacht. 

Revolutionising and simplifying how the superyacht community shop, yacht crew can use one  platform to search through 1000’s of products by part code, EAN code, barcode,  manufacturer, brand, or select from one of hundreds of categories related to each  department on board. 

Thanks to its innovative delivery system, the YACHTNEEDS platform can deliver countless  products from multiple yachting providers straight to the yacht, or a variety of other traditional  shipping options such as – pickup at seller’s location, port office, access point, or address, no  matter the location. 

YACHTNEEDS marketplace is built to make sure that what crew order is exactly what they  receive while benefiting from buying locally in the areas/ports they are in and helping to  support local economies by buying locally. 

Officially launched in Europe, YACHTNEEDS will soon be expanding into the USA and the  Caribbean this year then into Asia-Pacific. Tony Stout, ex-first mate, and YACHTNEEDS co-founder explains: “We have been discussing  and planning this project for many years now and we started to transform the idea into reality  a year and a half ago. We know this is a long-term journey and will be continually evolving the  marketplace and adding 1000’s and 1000’s more products in the coming months so that it is  suited to every walk of life on board yachts of all sizes.

Our focus is on giving local sellers a global platform to showcase their products while making  sure that what crew order is what they receive, at the right price, and delivered in the right  location. We want to make the process of ordering products simple, cost and time efficient. It  has been a long time in the making but we are finally ready and extremely excited to present  a platform which is, in our opinion, totally outside the box, completely innovative, and an  industry first.” 

For more information about YACHTNEEDS please visit www.yachtneeds.com, send us an email  at info@yachtneeds.com, or follow YACHTNEEDS on social media, at: 




Press Contact: Tony Stout, CEO and Founder 

[email protected], +33 (0) 640 611 013 


YACHTNEEDS marketplace enables superyacht crew to buy whatever they need in just a few  clicks. Think Amazon, but for yachting. 

We are the yachting community’s trusted marketplace where multiple local sellers can list their  products, and crew can discover and purchase superyacht specific products from top brands. 

YACHTNEEDS marketplace provides a unique shopping experience allowing yacht crews to  find exactly what they need when they need it and have their orders delivered to a location  of their choice. 

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