Good Galley: Baking tools

Mar 24, 2022 by To the Triton

I love to bake, especially bread. But galley baking gives me two regular frustrations: never enough space to put hot sheet pans down once pulled from the oven, and warped oven mitts.

I often use galley dishcloths to transfer dishes from oven to counter, but they easily get wet or oily, and as we all know, burns are the worst.

Traditional oven mitts get dirty fast, and once washed, their fill gets bunchy and pulled.

Enter my must have oven mitts: silicone gloves. They hold up to high heat, can be easily washed and are almost indestructible. They come in both mitten and fingered versions. The glove-like ones with fingers are my preference.

MOAMI cut-proof grill gloves

Now, to tackle that counter space problem. Few of us have enough galley space for an actual speed rack, but this slim, foldable four-rack option can work for any galley.

Tovolo Stack ‘N Cool Baking Sheet Rack

— Chef Patricia Clark