Stew Cues: Tips on vintage wine, storing china

Mar 24, 2022 by Alene Keenan

Handling wine vintage

Wine vintage is about the weather of a particular year in a particular region. Naturally, some vintages are better than others. With today’s technology, most characteristics can be adjusted in the lab to keep flavor consistent. However, if you run out of a certain vintage during meal service, you must know how the owner or host wants to handle this situation. Proper service dictates fresh glasses for each new bottle opened, but some people do not care.

Know your wine inventory and the number of bottles of each vintage on hand. Discuss with the owner or host, and decide how to handle the need for opening and serving a different bottle during meal service.

How to store china

Store dishware with protection between pieces by using custom-fit felt or foam to prevent scratches. Paper napkins or coffee filters will work in a pinch.

It’s best not to stack cups and bowls, but limited storage space leaves no other choice. Use extreme care and proper protection when stacking cups or bowls.

Never stack plates or bowls more than 10 high to prevent weight damage or breakage to the bottom pieces.

Prevent dishes from sliding sideways as the boat moves by installing fiddles or dividers between stacks.  Dishware will get bounced around in rough seas like everything else on board, so pack the cabinet to prevent bouncing up and down.

—Veteran Chief Stew Alene Keenan


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