Merger of leaders in maritime security expands risk technology solutions

Jul 2, 2022 by Triton Staff

To meet growing maritime risk concerns worldwide, Dryad Global and International Maritime Security Associates (IMSA) have merged their expertise in maritime intelligence and security technology to provide real-time analysis, risk assessment, and security solutions for all vessels, including government and commercial fleets as well as yachts.

“This is an extremely exciting time for us,” stated Phil Diacon, COO of Dryad Global. “The merger will benefit our clients enormously in the coming months and years.” Combining the highly complementary offerings will deliver a truly innovative technology company in maritime risk, he added.
The new company, working as Dryad Global, will deliver support 24/7/365 to yacht crew, yacht owners, and yacht management companies through IMSA’s G-i2C Global Intelligence, Information, and Communications Center. Its proprietary Automated Risk Management Solutions (ARMS) Fleet Manager platform offers yacht managers a single platform to track their vessels, see all of the global maritime intelligence, and securely communicate with their fleet. The ARMS shipboard software provides real-time, vital information on disease outbreaks, weather changes, cyber threats, port delays, civil unrest, piracy, and other issues. The technology also includes full fleet tracking via secure communication links direct to vessels.

Dryad Global CEO Corey Ranslem, founder of IMSA Global and Triton technology editor, said the newly merged company is unparalleled in the provision of AI and human reports on maritime security data, intelligence, analysis and alerts. “In addition to improving security awareness, agility and cost-effectiveness of transit, there will also be a better provision and assurance of Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS),” he said.

Dryad Global has offices in the U.S., Australia, and the U.K. More information at