What the Deck! How to drive your mates mad

Jul 27, 2022 by Chief Officer Wesley Walton

While working in an industry of extremely high standards and pressure, we all become hyper focused and develop certain pet peeves that get on each other’s nerves. My deck crew and I came up with this list of a few to look out for. They may seem obvious, however I still see them on a daily basis, even after 10 years in the industry.

  1. Failing to drain the deck hose and close the valve before packing it away. When the next person turns it on, the hose will spray all over the clean boat.
  2. Phones and water bottles left lying around on deck. It looks untidy and doesn’t give the right impression to guests.
  3. Leaving anything wet lying on the teak deck. This will result in unbearable watermarks.
  4. Walking past a dishwasher that has finished its cleaning cycle or a dirty sink without unpacking or cleaning it.
  5. Leaking garbage bags. ALWAYS double bag your garbage. No one wants leaks in the interior or on the decks leading to the dock bin.
  6. Unsecured tools. Always lay tools down on the floor so they cannot fall over and damage furniture, paintwork, or the deck. On the same page, always put the lid on your products, even when in use. You never know when you may accidentally knock the container over.
  7. Not using the correct tool for the job. Engineers will not take a liking to anyone using a leatherman instead of the correct screwdriver. You can strip screws easily and make more work for yourself. This applies to all jobs.
  8. Not rinsing out your wash-down gear properly before putting it back in the locker. No one likes to pick up soapy mitts or chamois.
  9. Dirty scuppers. Make sure to wipe around scuppers as teak juice tends to gather here after wringing out chamois mops. Also, go the extra mile by every so often cleaning inside the scupper drain.
  10. Forgetting to always flush tender engines. Also, never start the engine while not in the water. This will lead to a serious deck fine and some embarrassment.
  11. Not making sure the inside edges are cleaned and wiped down whenever opening a locker.
  12. Not using your sign-in and sign-out board. It’s so easy to forget, but it could be life-saving in an emergency.