From Ship to Shore! How to Prepare for Life After Yachting

Sep 21, 2022 by To the Triton

The Crew Coach is offering a webinar on exit strategies for crew who are ready for a post-yachting career or who plan to start their own businesses. Look for The Crew Coach on Friday, September 23, at noon CET on Facebook or Linkedin to access the live webinar or the replay.
The panellists include:

Karine Rayson – Principal of The Crew Coach

With a background in counselling-psychology and organisational psychology and being an ex-seafarer herself, Karine helps Superyacht Crew elevate their leadership skills through the GUEST IAMI accredited Advanced Leadership Course, master their mental health through online counselling, as well as provides an exclusive yacht crew online membership for like-minded individuals to come together to access a powerful professional network of Crews as well as provide online training resources to aid their professional growth and development.

Karine has been awarded the Acrew Duty of Care Award and is a finalist for the 2022 Mentorship Award. She has been featured in The New Yorker Magazine, London Sunday Times and the Marie-Claire. She also serves on the PYA well-being committee.

Alex Haubrich – Founder of Yachtie World

“Since I started in the yachting industry in 2011, I discovered I had a unique way of connecting people and identifying quality. I developed these skills over the years, and I now support yachties and the businesses that serve them worldwide full time.”

Sandra Jordaan – Founder of The Yacht Purser

“Sandra is an ex chief stewardess and purser. She left yachting in 2018 to go land-based as a teacher, mentor, coach, and mom. She considers her entrepreneurial superpowers to be networking, being able to ask the right questions, resilience, branding, marketing, systems automation and humour (a big healthy dose of it). Sandra runs several successful companies in the UK and South Africa remotely, including an Airbnb investment apartment in Green Point. As a full time, solo mother, Sandra has had to automate her businesses so that she spends less time on tasks that take her away from her core business”.Sandra now lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her 4 year old son Leo. She dreams about her yachting days when she was able to actually take a holiday.

Margarita Amam – Founder of IMS GmbH

Margarita Amam is the founder of IMS GmbH in Bremen, Germany. IMS specialises in consulting on +7* interiors from build to operations (yachts & residences). Margarita was the first person & first woman to have developed an app for yachting. She was also the first to develop a standardisation of the interior/ hotel operations. Margarita was also the first to develop & produce cleaning rags from recycled plastics, including a coherent guide for the application of maintenance & hygiene routines and best practices going beyond the hygiene standards in hotels.

Dean Harrison – Founder of The Yacht Chef

Dean has been a chef for the past 18 years. 12 of those years on yachts. He has built a platform on social media to guide chefs and help them in their journey into this world. Dean has just left the full time world of yachting and now pursuing personal goals of creating content for vessels and freelancing as a chef. Also receiving Acrew awards chef of the year and influencer of the year.

Emma Baggett – Founder of THE OM

After 12 years at sea working in the industry, I came ashore to have my family and develop and deliver ground-breaking training and degree-level programmes for superyacht Deck, Interior, Chefs and Engineers. In practice, I am an experienced business and strategic development specialist with strong relationship-building skills, having worked with a broad range of stakeholders to build on new market opportunities both in the superyacht sector and in marine technology. I specialise in ideas and vision, working to identify and connect individuals and organisations for mutual business benefit, supporting them with market entry and innovative, collaborative solutions.

Dominique Tribelhorn – Founder of KeepEco

I started working with Karine Rayson, a well known Life-Coach and attended a variety of informative sessions about money, self-worth, self-development and growth. These sessions also came with interactive chit-chats with like-minded peers-where no judgment is tolerated, and you are encouraged to grow your own dreams and beliefs.I dreamt of starting my own business- KeepEco. The thought of a sustainable laundry sheet became a reality. I feel fortunate to have experienced what I have had in my yachting career and how it shaped my life. I now look forward to my dreams and adventures on land.