YOT Store Launches New E-Commerce Store

Sep 20, 2022 by submission


We’re thrilled to unveil our refreshed brand identity. The updates show the evolution of our company since its founding, and while this is a significant change, our core beliefs haven’t changed. Over the last few months, we have poured our hearts and souls into creating a new image that would accurately portray who we are, at our core as an organisation.

We have launched our new e-commerce store to help us get closer to our customers and to serve  and support them better. Clear communication is the foundation of success, and success is cultivated through shared experiences between partners where everyone wins. The e-commerce platform will ensure our customers will have all the tools they need to work optimally to meet their goals and fulfil obligations to their clients. This platform will assist us in sharing our diverse product offering and also help customers quickly get in touch, for all their needs including sales and support. It’s literally a one-stop-shop for everything one could want for anything IT.

YOT Store is a tech hub for all our clients, as we partner with preferred AV/IT and comms distributors. We provide integrators and ship chandlers the resources they need when it comes to procurement, services or remote IT assistance.  With thousands of products in our warehouses, and a footprint that stretches across Europe, we can guarantee a cost-effective price as well as a same-day delivery service for all our customers.

The YOT Store is fully equipped to supply and support technology from the world’s major players including CISCO, HP, DELL, UBIQUITI, RUCKUS, MICROSOFT, LENOVO, PEPLINK, POYNTING, KERIO, PALO ALTO, SOPHOS, QNAP, SYNOLOGY, AXIS, APC, VMWARE and VEEAM.

Super Yachts have close relationships with AV/IT companies that either installed original equipment or who now provide support for after-market equipment. In turn, YOT Store supports all those AV/IT companies by giving them the supplies and tools they need to deliver the service that the industry expects from them.

Whether you contact us on a weekend or late at night by email, phone or WhatsApp, our team is always there round-the-clock to answer your calls or emails as we know how important it is to be there when it counts.

YOT Store holds thousands of items in stock in warehouses across Europe. We dispatch on the same day, from the warehouse closest to the customer’s requested delivery address, which leads to quicker delivery times, making YOT a trusted speedy service partner. In addition to this, YOT Store  is guaranteed to be less expensive than your traditional suppliers, if that isn’t the case, YOT will do their utmost to beat any competitor’s price.

There’s no question that the maritime industry is high pressure, and when you need the support to guide you out of turbulent technical waters, YOT Store is the go-to team with round-the-clock availability for every IT solution to meet your needs. Whether you contact us by email, phone or WhatsApp, our round-the-clock support is at your fingertips. Our e-commerce platform will ensure YOT Store can offer a quick response or repair service with dedicated, round-the-clock support. We provide a safety net for your business whenever maintenance issues or breakdowns occur.

YOT Store will be exhibiting at Superyacht Technology Show & Conference in Barcelona, the first ever conference dedicated purely to super yacht technology, hosting inspiring global technology speakers, technology thought leaders, immersive hands-on demos and workshops.

YOT Store will be speaking and will offer pure inspiring Tech Talk “On the future of Maritime IT in a hybrid connected world where, thanks to Starlink now offering blazing fast, reliable internet at sea, we can take a look at what is around the corner for maritime IT, and the effect that reliable cloud IT services are now available to sea-going vessels.”

This will be a dedicated space for the Super Yacht tech buyers and providers to learn, share and be inspired. Stop in and come meet the YOT STORE  team 11- 12 October 2022 , Barcelona , Spain.