MYBA Chef/Stew competitions will be wild!

Nov 29, 2022 by Triton Staff

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The theme for the Superyacht Chefs Competition at the 33rd MYBA Charter Show in 2023 has been announced. Sustainabilty is the global overarching theme as far as 2023 food trends are concerned, according to competition coordinator Sarah Sebastian, so next year’s competition is going to revolve around foraged fare.

The challenge for superyacht chefs will be to create a guest dinner party using as many foraged items as they can in three courses: starter, main, and dessert. A minimum of two foraged food items must be included in each dish. The foraged food items can be gathered over time and pickled, dried, frozen, or preserved in any way. They can also be gathered at the time of the competition.  

Although mushrooms, berries, other fruits, and greens are among the most popular foraged foods, a variety of other wild edibles can be gathered, such as roots, nuts, seeds, and seaweed. Even fish and shellfish are forageable in the wild, depending on where you are. The possibilities are endless and chefs are encouraged to explore them!

Each chef will be allowed 35 minutes to serve their three-course dinner to the panel of Michelin-starred chef judges. Six plates of each course must be prepared — five for the judges and one for photography. A printed menu highlighting the foraged items and where they were sourced must be provided for each judge. 

The challenge for chief stews in the Superyacht Table-Setting Competition is to prepare a rustic dinner party tablescape using elements of foraged and upcycled items in their décor. 

The MYBA Charter Show is scheduled for April 24-27 at Marina Port Vell in Barcelona. Only chefs whose superyacht has been accepted for the show can register for the competition. When the chef receives confirmation of registration, the yacht is automatically registered for the table-setting competition as well. Chefs and stews will be required to attend a pre-competition briefing.

A competition guide is available for download at the show’s official website.