2022’s largest superyacht event in the southern hemisphere, shows yachts have made a return

Jan 11, 2023 by submission

Superyachts are back, and the New Zealand industry has welcomed them with open arms.

A superyacht welcome function, held in Auckland December 14th marked the start of the cruising season in New Zealand and showed the strength of the return of superyachts to the southern hemisphere cruising grounds.

At the country’s annual Superyacht Welcome Function, which marks the start of the superyacht season in New Zealand, crew from more than 30 superyachts gathered to celebrate the return to New Zealand’s iconic cruising grounds.

Hundreds of crew, both newly arrived in New Zealand and from yachts which had undergone refit in the country through winter, demonstrated the return of superyachts in force to New Zealand for its cruising season.

Hosted by Superyacht New Zealand and NZ Marine, crew were joined by key industry representatives and 54 sponsor companies from the domestic market, which specialises in the provision of high-quality refit and services. The event was also an opportunity to foreshadow one of the key events on the superyacht calendar in New Zealand, as Sail GP prepares to race in March 2023, with Sail GP’s chief commercial officer, Karl Budge on hand to get the crowd excited about the superyacht and VIP race viewing to come.

New Zealand’s superyacht-friendly legislation and easy clearance policies have seen yachts rapidly return to the country, with a two-year temporary import entry (TIE) gaining yachts tax concessions. With the opportunity to access GST zero-rated goods, services, and refit, the nation has also greatly increased its marine infrastructure, ensure vessels have world-class facilities.

The past three years has seen New Zealand’s superyacht marinas, haul out and refit facilities increase exponentially and it’s now possible to berth, or refit large superyachts in key regions throughout New Zealand.

Peter Busfield, executive director of NZ Marine, the organisation which administers Superyacht New Zealand, greeted guests and thanked crew for visiting New Zealand.