An East Coast-style adventure made easy

Feb 24, 2023 by Triton Staff

Superyacht East Coast, a marine destination development firm based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Fore Points Marina, a premiere marine facility in Portland, Maine, have announced a partnership to showcase their connected coastline as a “must-visit” yachting destination.

With diverse and thriving cultures, a world-renowned food scene, and fascinating maritime history, the connected coastline has long enticed cruisers to its shores. Rugged and wild, the region teems with exciting wildlife, stunning natural landscapes, and picturesque towns and villages. 

“The character of our people and places change dramatically from port to port,” said Adam Langley, president and founder of Superyacht East Coast. “Each unique region presents its own magic, its own experiences, its own allure while never far away from modern services and amenities.”

Working together, Superyacht East Coast and Fore Points Marina aim to provide captains with confidence in building an East Coast itinerary supported by infrastructure, marine services, and guest experiences, according to Vanessa Pike, general manager of Fore Points Marina. 

The marina boasts a new facility capable of accommodating yachts up to 630 feet and offers a full range of the latest amenities. “It’s the perfect launching off point for your East Coast adventure,” Pike said.