Gear on the Go: GMT’s must-haves

Feb 15, 2023 by Triton Staff

Ever wonder about the must-have items that travel pros take along on flights? We did — so we asked the experts at GMT.

Tim Davey


My go-to is noise-canceling headphones (Bose preferred). Another very popular move nowadays with the increase in lost bags is the luggage tracker. Have a look at Apple’s AirTag. You can add it to passport covers, backpacks, checked luggage, etc. Also, airplane seat power isn’t always available or doesn’t work, so it’s always a good idea to take your own portable battery charger. 

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Julia Russell


My gadget would be the AirFly wireless adapter. I love it because I don’t have to use the cheap headsets they give out on the plane, as it connects via Bluetooth to my noise-canceling headphones. Two people can connect at the same time, allowing the ability to listen to music or a movie together. AirFly Pro has an ‘aux in’ capability in order to sync your music in a rental car, boat, or home audio system as well. I don’t have this one, but that is a great bonus feature on the latest version!

Shawn O’Brien


I think one of the best things anybody can do that improves the trip and their arrival condition is to bring your own food on board. Nuts, granola, fruit, and a decent sandwich/wrap are light and healthy alternatives to the gluey pasta and overly salted mystery chicken that can make jet lag an even bigger nightmare than it already is. Bringing a scarf and a long-sleeved sweater, T-shirt, or hoodie is also a big plus for being comfortable and not getting frozen by full-throttle A/C.

Gemma Woodcock


Whenever I travel, my essential would always be a good book, either paperback or digital copy — something to pass the time in the airport or on board. If I travel to a new destination, I normally purchase a travel guide to read on my way to help plan my trip to make sure I get the most out of my trip.

Melfy Mesa


I don’t travel without my tech organizer, which includes all cords, adapters, and my headset. This way, I’m prepared in case I’m not provided with them during my travel.



Gina Ferree


When I travel, I like to either watch movies/series or sleep, so I like to have a phone kickstand and a small pillow.  These two items I have found to be quite handy: this portable universal smartphone kickstand sold on Amazon; and the Roll & GoAnywhere MyPillow, which can be easily stowed in a bag, and as a bonus, used at the hotel for extra support — I always need extra pillows when I sleep!


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