Pinmar offers electrostatic paint in US market

Feb 21, 2023 by Triton Staff

After success in Europe, Pinmar has brought electrostatic topcoat paint technology to the U.S. Benefits include a higher quality finish with a greater dry film thickness. The process also allows for larger areas to be painted, optimizing schedules for shipyards and yacht owners.

“Electrostatic paint application was developed in the automotive and aerospace paint sectors, and we immediately recognised the advantages it could offer for painting large superyachts,” says Remy Millott, CEO of Pinmar’s parent group, GYG Ltd. “It’s much more efficient in terms of paint transfer resulting in considerably less environmental impact, whilst enabling us to improve working conditions and meet demanding refit schedules on superyachts.”

Pinmar USA in Riviera Beach, Florida, recently used the technology on a 285-foot (87m) yacht at Savannah Yacht Center, in Savannah, Georgia, and on a 249-foot (76m) yacht at Safe Harbor Rybovich in West Palm Beach, Florida. Skilled topcoat specialists and a technical and management team from Spain completed the jobs.

“I’m delighted with the outcome of these two projects following a great effort from our teams on both sides of the Atlantic, and we appreciate the trust and support of the shipyards and yacht management,” said Alexander Swain, president of Pinmar USA.