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Aug 9, 2023 by Chef Patricia Clark

Crew Tech Wishlist: Each department has unique needs relating to the functionality and safety of the vessel, guests and crew. New tech gadgets can be pricey, but they can be worth it.



Every yacht I have been on uses a radar weather service that comes with informed advice regarding weather for current and upcoming routes. But what happens on the tender or when you are waiting for a report to come through?

Check out the top-rated Kestrel 550. This handheld meter is top of the line tech offering immediate readings of wind speed, direction, humidity, and more. It can link with your onboard systems and log requested data so you can keep track of what has happened to your routes for everything from fishing trips to multi-week crossings. Its screen adapts to different lighting so no more squinting to read the details in direct sunlight. $350


Underway watches can be nerve wracking for watch keepers especially in rough seas, during the night or in politically problematic areas. came up with some help for boats of all sizes. Their Sentry system offers collision avoidance including a hazard as small as a person at 700 meters. It can integrate with all types of operating systems. The system also offers a day and night 360-degree protection angle. It includes the installation kit for $1,400.

The Human Factor

Who is sleeping on board? Are you concerned about a recent hire, unusual behavior or upcoming guests? Do you wonder if someone will be a fit with the culture of the boat? For a small fee Checkr will do the due diligence for you to put your mind at ease. Its advanced AI enabled system reaches through all corners of the internet to get you a complete picture. A fee of $30 gets you the basics such as Global Watchlists and Sex Offender Registry. Pay $80 and you get the basics plus proof of claimed education and legal employment.


Keeping it Clean

Meet the ‘HullSkater,’ Jotun’s awesome two-part hull cleaning robot smartphone controlled with live visuals. The hull is covered with a safety coating that protects the exterior paint. The soft brushed robot uses four magnetized wheels to glide along the hull top and bottom. It scours away the “biofilm” that forms in advance of outright biofouling, keeping a vessel’s hull clean and preventing costly paint repairs and destructive scraping. One complete cleaning takes two hours for small craft and up to eight hours for superyachts and large explorers, depending on the specific size of the vessel. Contact for pricing.

Tender Excursions

Taking guests out for fishing, scuba, and sandbar trips just got a lot more interesting. 

At $2,150, the Garmin ECHOMAP Marine is pricey but offers an almost guaranteed success, even in new waters. The tech includes Navionics, ocean mapping, fish finder and chart plotter combo. It includes a smartphone app for auto guidance fast route calculations based on departure and arrival points, overhead clearance, chart data, popular routes and desired depth. It works in all US waters with options to access all international waters. The app upgrade includes a top vision option of high-resolution relief shading, sonar imagery, unique 3D views, high-resolution satellite imagery, aerial photography and more.

Keeping Track of Toys and Accessories

Things get busy fast on guest trips and keeping track of everything from seabobs, kite boarding equipment, paddles and even shoes just got easier. Air tags are popular location tech gadgets that work great but can’t get wet. Check out the waterproof marine air tag protector by Pelican. The case is made from shock-resistant Kevlar making it lightweight, waterproof, and dustproof. $25

Movie Nights Anywhere

All guests love some screen time. Sports fans watching a big game, family nights on the sundeck and gathering around to watch the trip recap all look better on a top tech projector. The Cosmos Laser 4k portable projector will work even on a white sand beach or an especially calm sea. It’s compatible with more than 7,000 apps and offers high quality picture and sound anywhere. At a hefty 10.7 pounds this will stand up to sundeck or beachfront wind gusts and even a nudge from an iguana. $2,000

Sharing the Gear

The Apollo, a tech gadget that uses light, is clinically proven to kill 99.99% of all bacteria, viruses and mold up to 1,000 feet. When you get back those wetsuits, snorkel mask, PBAS, fins and more shared personal gear you need these tools to sanitize between uses.

The fullroom size ($280) has a waiting list. The company also offers a large room purifier with a sleek cover (purifies up to 2,250 square feet for $700), and a SmartAir small box with a sleek white cover (purifies up to 925 square feet for $400).



Burner Burnout

A portable induction cooktop can save the day when disaster strikes – i.e. when a burner or two goes out during a guest trip. This for some reason always seems to happen just before plating dinner. Hestan’s portable induction cooktop is a quick fix from the maker of those fancy high tech induction pans. $200

“Oh, I don’t eat that.”

Last-minute menu changes don’t need to be stressful. 

Brava is a small but mighty infrared oven. It’s the size of a standard toaster oven, offers three distinct cooking zones controllable with a smartphone app and sears like a salamander with up to 900 F/482 C top temperature.

It can cook foods two to four times faster than a traditional oven without harmful microwaves. Brava lets you cook delicate ingredients next to dense ones and they come out perfect at the same time thanks to a targeted light system. The smart app control and live visual means you can go ahead and bake something while you get in that rare and all-too-brief afternoon break. $1,300

Is it safe?

If you thawed the chicken three days ago but didn’t cook it, is it still good? Normally, we would go through a few troubleshooting safety checks using learned skills. We can still do that. We can also get a second opinion with the Food Sniffer. This handheld gadget tells you in a matter of seconds if your raw proteins are safe to cook and consume. It comes in four colors and retails at $130.



When to Clean Guest Rooms?

Constant transmissions and the confusion of which rooms are free for cleaning, returning laundry, or turn downs may soon be a thing of the past. Norwegian company Novelda has created the world’s smallest available UWB radar sensor at 3 by 30 millimeters. This sensor will alert you when a guest has entered or left a room. The range can be set from 1.5 to 4 meters to fit the specific room lay out and can cover a total area of 30 square meters.

When They Don’t Finish the Bottle

The Coravin Timeless 6 system allows you to pour a tasting, a glass, or more from a bottle of wine without removing the cork. This allows you to reseal the bottle so the wine may be tasted, stored and enjoyed up to a year later. This system is also an impressive way to open older bottles that may have damaged corks. The set includes everything you need to preserve up to six bottles for $230. They also offer a champagne system for $280 that preserves sparkling bottles up to one month.

When the Ceiling Starts to Rain.

Did you have a leak and guests are coming the next day? Out of the shipyard just in time for guest arrivals? Molekule’s Single room air purifier is an award winning system. It’s small, offers great design, and covers up to 1,000 feet. A smart phone app tells you in real time what you may be dealing with in the air and keeps a history up to one month. $715.

Coffee before 5 a.m.?

There is often that one guest who starts their day unreasonably early. Meet the Atomi Coffee Maker, the voice activated coffee maker that is Wifi/Bluetooth compatible and functions with Alexa technology and Google Home using a smartphone app. It can make up to a 12 cup pot of coffee on command. You can program it ahead of time or activate from your cabin with the app. It offers a built-in coffee grinder with eight different grind settings. $300.

Guestroom Trash

Keep it easy and sanitary – especially great if babies come on board. This self-opening, closing, and sealing trash bin even refills its own bag and knows when it’s full. The Townew bin has a capacity of 15 liters. The company offers a slim model with all the same features that fits perfectly next to a toilet, even in small bathrooms. $120.

Clean your Watersports Clothing

Imagine a closet where you can hang wet or dry clothing that keeps smelly and potentially harmful bacteria from spreading? Need to dry and sanitize beach towels without using up hours
of washing machine time? The Samsung Air Dresser offers models with space for 3 ($1,100) or 5 ($1,400) hanging garments and can be controlled by your phone when Wi-Fi is enabled.



When the Galley Calls

Calls to engineering from the galley can often mean a refrigerator or freezer has lost its safe temperature. There are many factors that cause this, however it is often a refrigerant leak. Check that out fast with the Elitech WJL600 coolant leak detector for refrigerators, wine coolers and air conditioners. This $20 handheld gadget has a 10-year infrared sensor life and detects all halogenated refrigerants (chlorine and fluorine), freon and blends. With a preheating time of six seconds and response time of three seconds, it works fast to pinpoint the problem.

Safe Drinking Water Stations

Atmospheric water generators onboard seem like an easy solution to increase the available water without drawing a lot of power. The Nube system, at $1,900, creates eight gallons a day and can work through the vessel to provide great filtered drinking water. You can control the alkaline level and the system is ionized, mineralized, free of fluoride and chlorine, and comes with a carbon and osmosis filter. The system dispenses hot or cold water and comes in five colors.

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