Crewdentials: Stay on Top of Crew Credentials

Jun 1, 2024 by Lauren Beck

Crewdentials, a software company that helps manage crew credentials, is unveiling new system updates.

Crewdentials, which launched in 2020, “came to life as a result of frustration from both the perspective of seafarers and organizations that whenever an individual registers with any maritime organization, they have to upload their certificates and manually profile them,” said Ellen Armsden, Crewdentials co-founder and COO. “[Certificates] are rarely kept up to date, there’s no consistency about naming (particularly across platforms), and [they] are tricky to verify.”   

The three co-founders — representing maritime, legal/data protection, and software — aimed to revolutionize the maritime industry’s crew certification management and verification space. Their secure platform is a central hub for crew data, and it updates multiple client systems when crew alter their data.

“To combat the issues we identified, we built what we believe to be an industry-first platform model with significant compliance features, including our technology that identifies the type of qualification, the issuer, and relevant dates, which enables us to auto-profile the qualification,” Armsden said. 

The platform offers two products: the Crew Profile and the Business Workspace. The Crew Profile section is a free digital wallet for crew. It organizes certificates, keeps them named consistently, and is easily shareable. New to this section is the Structured Profile, which tells crew immediately whether their credentials are compliant. Crew can also get career-planning help — if crew select their next competency, it spells out the requirements. It will also alert crew to expiring documents. Crew can specify what certificates to add to their public profiles and share their info through a unique QR code. Recipients can view essential info and request access, while crew control who gains access to their information.

The Business Workspace contains tools for any organization to collect, manage, and verify crew qualifications. “Because certificates arrive in the Workspace consistently named and profiled, we can optimize compliance processes,” Armsden said. This could be helpful for crew agencies or management companies looking to streamline this process. Users can fully customize the workflow, and the software performs as a “compliance guru” to highlight documents and credentials that are missing or expired. In March 2024, Crewdentials rolled out auto verification of MCA-issued Certificates of Competency.

“We are not trying to replace any applicant tracking, crew management, or learning management systems. Instead, we are looking to enhance existing systems and processes for both the crew and the admin users,” Armsden said.