Alene Keenan

Alene Keenan has been a megayacht stew for more than 20 years. She teaches at MPT in Ft. Lauderdale and offers interior crew training through her company, Yacht Stew Solutions ( Download her book, The Yacht Service Bible: The Service Manual for Every Yacht, on her site or

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About Alene Keenan

Alene Keenan is a veteran chief stew, interior training instructor/consultant, and author of The Yacht Guru’s Bible: The Service Manual for Every Yacht.

Giving back gives crew a sense of community, even when at sea

One of the things I love most about being land-based now after 20 years at sea is the opportunity to get involved in my community. When I worked on yachts,…

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Work with chef to make mealtimes stress and drama free

On a yacht, most of the activity and memories for guests are centered around food and mealtimes, so it’s no wonder that those moments can be the most stressful for…

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Prepare for the summer with kids onboard

Summer is here and that means the summer charter season is at hand. Kids and summer are synonymous, and the yachting world sees lot of kids from June to August.…

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Interior crew have a history of distinguished service, no matter what you call it

Working on yachts can be an exciting, fun and incredible lifestyle, but it is also a serious job that requires a high level of commitment and professionalism.  Much of the…

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Focusing on job, giving service got this stew through darkest hours

They say strength lies in adversity. I have certainly had my share of that.  If I hadn’t been able to delve deeper into service during some major life events, I…

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Living and working in tight quarters

A topic that comes up again and again in yachting revolves around establishing standards of professionalism for crew and defining appropriate boundaries within a private service environment. We live together…

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Fresh atmosphere onboard is essential

An important aspect of getting a yacht ready for a boat show is creating an inviting atmosphere for prospective guests or future owners who come to see the vessel. One…

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Recognizing skills, time management aid resolutions

I read an article in “Self” magazine recently about New Year’s resolutions and how hard it is to maintain the momentum to create lasting change in our lives. The essence…

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Tally your totals on entitlement and gratitude

When the holiday season draws to a close and the festivities are over, many people look forward to a fresh start in the New Year. Some reflect upon the previous…

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Uniforms, more than just looking good

Crew uniforms are an important part of the distinctive image of every yacht. I think most stews would agree that purchasing, allocating and finding space onboard for crew attire can…

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