Alene Keenan

Alene Keenan has been a megayacht stew for more than 20 years. She teaches at MPT in Ft. Lauderdale and offers interior crew training through her company, Yacht Stew Solutions ( Download her book, The Yacht Service Bible: The Service Manual for Every Yacht, on her site or

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About Alene Keenan

Alene Keenan is a veteran chief stew, interior training instructor/consultant, and author of The Yacht Guru’s Bible: The Service Manual for Every Yacht.

Take pride in onboard career to learn seamanship skills, too

  Stews might think deck work isn’t important to their jobs, but there are valuable deck-related skills stews need to know to excel in yachting, and they become obvious the…

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Purser position is a chance to advance

Yacht stews who are passionate about their jobs are always looking for ways to learn more and progress in their careers. Unfortunately, once a career-minded stew reaches chief stew, employment…

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Embrace, don’t fear, personality tests, results

Many people believe in using self-help books, seminars, workshops and support groups of all kinds to improve their lives and alleviate personal problems, and with good reason. Interest in self-help…

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Onboard training an effective option

Onboard training is an idea whose time has come and I am delighted that it is in such high demand. I have always found that training and education designed specifically…

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Caring for clothes onboard

One aspect of our work as yacht stews is valet services, including wardrobe management. Every stew needs to know how to handle and care for expensive clothing. It may seem…

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Manage up to improve conditions onboard

The following is one of my favorite quotes from Peter Drucker, management consultant, educator, and author: “Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to…

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Managing humans onboard is a start to better leadership

It has been said that the yachting industry lacks professionalism on some levels and that developmentally, we are still in our infancy. One of the problem areas for growth has…

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Take spring to refresh both yacht and soul

Whenever spring rolls around, I always know it’s time to take stock of my life. It’s the time I start sweeping out the cobwebs, literally and figuratively. The winter’s hectic…

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Conflict onboard can be conquered

With the approach of Valentine’s Day, many people take time to recognize and acknowledge the people we know and love. Not everyone feels all warm and fuzzy about this, but…

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Do not take micromanagement personally

Interior crew should make this their New Year’s Resolution No. 1: Resolve not to take micromanagement personally. When you are a new crew member, it may seem like your boss…

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