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Bosun Alex Kempin has worked on yachts since 2017 and combines his passion for personal finance and his degree in psychology to share personal finance information for yacht crew at or themoneydock on social media.

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The Money Dock: Investment contracts and yacht crew

Now that I’ve covered the basic concepts of financial management and demonstrated its practice with real clients, it’s time to pivot into the world of investing. And, as mentioned in…

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Money Dock: Money woes averted with a little planning

This month, I would like to bring some real world examples to the column. Thus far, I have written about emergency funds, financial independence and the importance of saving and…

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The Money Dock: Yachting can set you up for life, if you do it right

The Money Dock: by Bosun Alex Kempin  OK folks, time for a typically boring financial subject to be made un-boring. Here are the basic steps involved in achieving financial independence…

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The Money Dock: Know what you spend

The Money Dock: by Bosun Alex Kempin  July was a crazy month for my partner and I. After 3.6 years on board and 4.5 months of straight lockdown, we quit…

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The Money Dock: What would happen to you if you lost your job?

The Money Dock: by Bosun Alex Kempin For certain ranks of yacht crew, job security comes in several forms: either the constant threat of rain for the weary deck crew…

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The Money Dock: Yacht bosun chooses to think like an owner, not spend like one

The Money Dock: by Bosun Alex Kempin I know, yet another article about personal finance and someone telling you to do something you will never do. I get it –…

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