Capt. Brian Luke

Brian Luke is chief operations officer for International Crew Training in Ft. Lauderdale. He is an airline captain and holds a USCG 1600/3000-ton master’s ticket. ICT trains crew for entry-level through 3000 ITC Master licenses, engineering and interior operations. Comments on this column are welcome at [email protected].

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On Course: Captain and crew responsible for recording sea time

On Course: by Capt. Brian Luke Gaining and verifying sea time/service in the yachting industry is essential to all crew who are in yachting as a profession and working toward…

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On Course: Role more important than title in bridge ops

On Course: by Capt. Brian Luke Last month, I wrote about the idea that to facilitate safer yacht operations, it may be important for the captain to become more of…

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On Course: Culture of challenge makes captains more leader than driver

On Course: by Capt. Brian Luke Last month I wrote about challenges captains and crew face when managing a modern superyacht bridge. The maritime community is following slowly behind aviation…

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On Course: Developing a culture of challenge on superyachts

On Course: by Capt. Brian Luke The maritime community is roughly 7,000 years old, yet from a professional standpoint it falls woefully behind the only 100-year-old aviation industry. Many cruise…

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On Course: Small Vessel CoC for yacht engineers helps industry and crew

On Course by Capt. Brian Luke Some time ago, a working group was put together to modernize the way in which yacht and small vessel engineers are trained and qualified. The…

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IMO extends Manila Amendment refresher deadline

I have written much in these pages over the past year concerning the 2010 Manila Amendments to the STCW Convention. And I am compelled to do so yet again because…

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Sea time might not be enough to avoid U.S. refresher courses

Wow. What a great boat show Ft. Lauderdale had this year. Just like most, I’m exhausted, but Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show tends to do that to all of us…

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Still time to tackle Manila amendment requirements

There are about two months left before the full implementation of the Manila amendments. Last year, I devoted a column to this subject. Now that we are down to the…

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Training should – and does – increase as vessels grow more complex

Superyachts have come a long way in the past 30 years. Vessels are much larger and more complex than ever before, whether in their integrated bridge systems, highly complex steering…

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Trainers have profound effect on crew attitude, professionalism

By Capt. Brian Luke Over the years, some captains and crew have been skeptical of education and training, or have grown tired of sitting in on certification courses, taking exams…

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