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Keeping expectations in check

Making sure nothing is forgotten or missed and training new stews are two reasons checklist cards are vital to a well-run interior team.

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Stew Cues: Saving time on laundry 

Organize towels To ensure you don’t run out of clean towels in a specific cabin, either number, label or color-code your towels per cabin and per day head so that…

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Athlete Aboard

Training for Ironman is extra tough on a yacht — but one chief stew is getting it done.

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Chief Stews Play Vital Refit Role

When it comes to the interior, no one is better positioned to plan, protect, prioritize and track progress.

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Match the method to the mate when training your team

Because different people learn things differently, take the time to determine which method is best for each individual on your team: list format or learning by example.

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How do you know when you are ready to be a chief stew?

You may think you know the ropes, but there is more to consider. Do you have experience on the boat? Are you mentally prepared for the responsibility and stress? Do you have a leadership strategy?

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