Timothy MacDonald

Tim MacDonald (timothymacdonald.weebly.com) has more than 20 years experience as a chef. He was named Concours de Chefs winner for Yachts over 160 feet at the 2011 Antigua Charter Yacht Show. His recipes are designed for the owner and guests. Comment at editor@the-triton.com

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Top Shelf: Apples for apples

Kiev, Ukraine. December. Another lifetime ago.  A flashback puts me in Rod Taylor’s time machine and takes me to Osteria Pantagruel, near the opera house. The weather is turning nasty…

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Top Shelf: Wild mushrooms boost tenderloin

It’s early November, Queen Anne North, Seattle. The big dark has come. The temperature drops to below 7 degrees, the sun sets at 4:45 p.m., and the infamous Seattle rain…

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Top Shelf: Get gingerbread inspired in St. Moritz

Top Shelf: by Chef Timothy MacDonald No greater experience yet lived was the one experienced on Amevi where, after lunch floating just off Nice, I was whisked away without consent…

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Top Shelf: Finding NW cuisine through Seattle noise

Top Shelf: Story and photos by Chef Timothy MacDonald Sitting in Fremont Coffee Company, late on a Saturday afternoon. Boston’s “More than a Feeling” competes with a hippie playing an…

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Top Shelf: Get comfortable with Laurel Canyon cuisine

Top Shelf: by Chef Timothy MacDonald Recently, I ran into a Neanderthal. Not the stick-and-stone variety, but a true dinosaur in the modern healthy green “powerfood” crew food industry. In…

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Top Shelf: Cooking for the boss, no matter what

Top Shelf: by Chef Timothy MacDonald Often, we see in employment ads “American home cooking, midwest style, meat-and-potatoes”. There seems to be two sides to the culinary coin in regard…

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Top Shelf: Up and down and around again

Top Shelf: by Chef Tim MacDonald Fisherman’s Village market, Bo Phut, Thailand. Early afternoon. It’s hot, damn hot. Dante’s inferno could not be hotter as I quickly scan up and…

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Top Shelf: My go-to final meal for difficult charter or life

Top Shelf: by Chef Timothy MacDonald At or around 6 a.m. on the 25th of April, people gathered in their driveways in Australia to pay their respects … Anzac Day.…

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Top Shelf: Pig roast tops off trip to Papua New Guinea

Top Shelf: by Chef Tim MacDonald “Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started from this tropic port aboard this tiny…

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Top Shelf: Low Country Boil hit in Papua New Guinea

Top Shelf: by Chef Tim MacDonald On a bucket list tick-off period of my career, I have accepted a mission this winter to check out yachting in Australia and its…

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