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Mark Godbeer, a culinary-trained chef from South Africa, has been professionally cooking for more than 11 years, 9 of which have been on yachts (

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Culinary Waves: Yachting bears hard workers prepared for success

Culinary Waves: by Chef Mark Godbeer Yachting – my life for 15 years, a life I would not change for anything. I wouldn’t call myself “old school.” I envision those…

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Top Shelf: White Chocolate Mirror Glaze

Top Shelf: by Chef Mark Godbeer Chefs aboard megayachts are not only in the limelight, on many occasions we have to be the limelight. Everyone has to eat, everyone is…

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Top Shelf: Coconut and thyme short-crust pastry

Over the past few years, my preference sheets have become more and more restricting as awareness of popular food trends and allergies increases. This means that either I split myself…

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Top Shelf: Coconut and vanilla chia pudding

Top Shelf: by Chef Mark Godbeer This world is heading down the healthy road (finally). Most guest preference sheets over the past few years request healthier options than the generic…

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Top Shelf: Spicy, Smoky, Zesty Falafels

Top Shelf: by Chef Mark Godbeer How often do we chefs/cooks/stews stand in front of our galley fridges, doors wide open, hoping for a lunch, dinner or hors d’oeuvres idea…

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Top Shelf: Blueberry Butter

Top Shelf: by Chef Mark Godbeer Working on yachts affords us the ability to travel the world and sample local foods and trends. I love it. To me it’s one…

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Top Shelf: Mixed Chili Relish

Top Shelf: by Chef Mark Godbeer Over the years, I have worked on and visited many boats, and there are always those obvious components that frequent every ship, for example,…

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Top Shelf: Savory Breakfast Donuts

Top Shelf: Chef Mark Godbeer If you gathered 100 chefs into a room and asked those who enjoyed cooking breakfast to raise their hands, chances are likely that only a…

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Roasted butternut and grilled chicken chop salad

By Mark Godbeer With the ever-increasing dietary restrictions arising amongst crew and guests these days, it can get taxing on my brain to sate the varying taste buds. No carbs,…

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Garlic-and-Herb Beer Can Chicken recipe

Every month for the past three years, I have written recipes on how to cook dishes for charter guests or crew. Well, chefs, this one is for you. As crew,…

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