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Ask Bugsy! No kid gloves for the captain’s love

What happens when the captain brings his new girlfriend aboard as a deckhand, but she can't pull her weight and the other crew have to cover for her?

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Ask Bugsy! Sleepless and ready to snap

I’m a chef bunking with a crewmate whose schedule doesn’t vibe with mine. Never mind that she is messy and her stuff is everywhere, or that she never cleans up…

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Ask Bugsy! Micromanaged and miserable

My chief stew micromanages everything us girls do. She doesn’t trust us to make a table setting, sort laundry, set up a cabin, and she tosses out any ideas we…

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Ask Bugsy! Skorts, vegans and aspiring yachties

Crew work is demanding work, while living where you work presents its own unique challenges. Triton advice columnist and veteran Chief Stew Bugsy Drake “gets” it. If you need some good advice, just Ask Bugsy!

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