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Christine Davis is a regular writer for Triton News.

Teak Critique: Maintenance techniques depend on priorities

How to treat teak decking depends on the owner's preference between the short-lived beauty of a golden color or the dull gray advantage of longevity.

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Chef knows best

The best galley refits happen when yacht chefs have a hand in the design.

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Insider Software

Who better than former crew to devise the most helpful platforms for crew? Been there. Done that. And now, these ex-crew have created software packages to make the lives of…

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Oh, no, not the slide again!

New inflatable play system aims to ease crew pain.

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Hub connects bright minds in pursuit of a better planet

The Marine Research Hub Summit highlighted some innovative projects aimed at greener energy and cleaner seas.

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Phil Purcell is the man at the helm

While he jests that he might have chosen truck driving or log-house building as alternative livelihoods, Purcell’s career in the yachting industry spans more than 30 years.

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Meet Terri Kennedy of Informa

Behind the Scenes: Terri Kennedy, Informa’s director of registration and admission Meet Terri Kennedy, 60, who holds the title of director of registration and admissions at Informa, the international events…

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Crew take a spin on some of the hottest new yacht toys to hit the market

Their task: to evaluate the fun factor, ease of use, teachability, handling, and storage capability of each product in order to help buyers assemble an enviable, expertly curated, deluxe, super-easy toy chest.

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Chefs up their game when short supplies mean empty shelves at food stores

Whether scrambling for scarce provisions or conjuring up some immunity-boosting magic, these pro yacht chefs tackled pandemic challenges with true aplomb.

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