Clive McCartney

Clive McCartney is vice president of maritime operations and business development at Bluewater Management & Crew Training USA in Fort Lauderdale.

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On Course: A seafarer’s income is not tax-free

On Course: by Clive McCartney Tax season, wonderful.  Add that to the myriad rumors and the resultant press articles about immigration visas for crew coming to the U.S., and we…

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On Course: Skills beyond certifications enhance career opportunities

On Course: by Clive McCartney Deadline time – how did I find myself in this position?  I am not a journalist, not a writer of any kind. I have qualifications…

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On Course: Refits offer chance to expand skills

On Course: by Clive McCartney A quick check of Marine Traffic along the south fork of the New River shows that there are over 50 yachts in the various refit…

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On Course: Invest time in newbies

On Course: by Clive McCartney Earlier this week I enjoyed one of those episodes that refreshes the mind and resets the attitude. Here at Bluewater we held an “Introduction to Yachting…

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On Course: Charting a yachting career not a linear task

On Course: by Clive McCartney The dog-eared copy of the Oxford English Dictionary that sits on my bookshelf defines career as a “course through life, especially in a profession.” This…

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