Corey D. Ranslem

Corey D. Ranslem is CEO at International Maritime Security Associates ( With more than 24 years of combined Coast Guard and maritime industry experience, he aims to enhance the way mariners handle security threats and risk management.

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New technology in fin stabilizers

When you think of cutting- edge technology, stabilization products typically aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, this type of technology has come a long way over the past few years, including game-changing new systems from Quantum Stabilizers.

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GPS Week Number Rollover

Furuno units may need an update or replacement after this phenomenon that happens every 19.6 years.

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3G network shutdowns could affect your yacht

The 3G, or third generation, cellphone network will be shut down this year as a transition to 4G and 5G. AT&T shut down their 3G network on Feb. 22, the…

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Shut Down and Stranded: Pandemic realities for those Who Work at Sea:

Delays, cancellations, restrictions, closures, quarantines, and last-minute changes have become the norm in the past 18 months. For crew, the fallout has been immense.

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Secure at Sea: Solid plan can mitigate cyber-security issues

Secure@Sea: by Corey D. Ranslem Cyber security for the global maritime industry continues to be a concern that most seem to be ignoring. Over the past few weeks, I have…

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Secure at Sea: Is your vessel ready for IMO’s Cyber Security compliance?

Secure@Sea: by Corey D. Ranslem Cyber security threats continue to be one of the top threats facing governments, businesses, and private individuals around the globe with attacks increasing exponentially on…

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Secure at Sea: Remote destinations call for a security plan

Secure@Sea: by Corey D. Ranslem Yachts have an ability unlike almost any other type of vessel in the world to visit some of the most remote and breathtaking locations in…

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Secure at Sea: Coronavirus poses security risk to yachts

Secure@Sea: by Corey D. Ranslem It isn’t typical for a security columnist to write about the outbreak of a virus or disease. However, this column is called Secure@Sea, and understanding…

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Secure at Sea: ‘Swim buddy’ keeps crew safe

Secure@Sea: by Corey D. Ranslem “Swim buddy” is a term that still rattles around in my brain. It was a term we used a lot while I was in the…

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Secure at Sea: AIS fraught with vulnerabilities

Secure@Sea: by Corey D. Ranslem AIS, or automatic identification system, has been around for about 20 years. The International Maritime Organization required the first AIS systems back in 2002 on…

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