Corey D. Ranslem

Corey D. Ranslem is CEO at International Maritime Security Associates ( With more than 24 years of combined Coast Guard and maritime industry experience, he aims to enhance the way mariners handle security threats and risk management.

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Secure at Sea: New technologies on horizon will alter seafaring forever

Secure at Sea: by Corey Ranslem A pencil, a chart and a GPS that wasn’t always accurate. That is how my navigation career started in the U.S. Coast Guard back…

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Secure at Sea: Yachts tempt thieves, especially in South Florida

Secure@Sea: by Corey Ranslem “I can’t believe that happened!” That’s usually the response you get when you hear about the theft of a yacht. Yachts are tempting targets for thieves.…

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Secure at Sea: Before bringing guns aboard, weigh these factors

Secure @ Sea: by Corey Ranslem “Small vessel rapidly approaching from the port quarter!” is something no captain or bridge watch stander wants to hear when transiting through a high-risk area.…

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Secure at Sea: Cybersecurity laws lacking when it comes to yachts

Secure at Sea: by Corey Ranslem It is hard to realistically determine the number of cyberattacks that take place within a given time period. Many cyber experts believe the maritime industry…

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Secure at Sea: VSAT attacks, crypto-jacking expand hackers’ arsenal

Secure at Sea: by Corey Ranslem “The British are coming! The British are coming!” was the famous cry of Paul Revere on his midnight ride to alert the American colonial…

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Secure at Sea: The growing pains of cyber-security

Secure @ Sea: by Corey Ranslem When I heard about it, I was amazed but not surprised. The high-roller database at a major casino recently had been completely compromised. The…

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Secure at Sea: Yacht safety entails facing threats in multiple dimensions

Secure at Sea: by Corey Ranslem When I joined the U.S. Coast Guard, I was 24 years old and had a promising career in television. It felt crazy to give…

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