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Dorie Cox, who served as the former editor of The Triton, continues to contribute stories for our readers.

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Dorie Cox is a writer with Triton News.

Crew Insurance: Are you confident you’re covered?

Many things can break on board a yacht, including the crew. So when a crew member falls down a hatch, contracts malaria, or runs over a snorkeler with the tender, it’s important to know how liability insurance coverage works. Yet, as with many things yacht-related, it can be confusing.

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Ciguatera Warning

The charter guest is thrilled with her catch and insists that the yacht chef prepare fish tacos. But, not so fast. Certain carnivorous reef fish, including barracuda, grouper, amberjack, king…

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Finding Peace in Freedom Waters

A social worker-turned-yacht stew now brings the joy of boating to those in need of healing: children and adults with disabilities or life-threatening illnesses, at-risk youth, and struggling veterans and active-duty military members. Knowledgeable volunteers are always needed, and yacht crew are a great fit.

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Tow me tender, tow me sweet, never let me go

Elvis Presley knew it: No one wants the pain of loss. Especially the loss of the yacht’s tender while under tow. Although rare, lost boats are just one incident that puts a damper on the towing relationship.

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Fish on! Got a World Record?

‘Smallfry’ or pro, anyone can hold a fish record. And yacht crew, owners, and guests are perfect candidates to take such honors, according to Zack Bellapigna of the International Game Fish Association.

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READY, SET, GO! Refits are Like Marathons

A successful refit requires that you hit the ground running and maintain a steady pace.

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Refit Paperwork: Sign here — but first, read it!

The importance of deciphering yard contracts and insurance policies cannot be overstated.

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Tax Savings for Yacht Refits

Several states have tax exemptions, discounts or caps on yacht repairs and refits.

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Making the Grade

A new yacht training facility in Fort Lauderdale aims to better prepare novice crew. As a yacht captain, Brian Muston used to ask his departing crew, “How was it? Was…

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CBD: OK for crew?

It’s hip, it’s legal, it’s everywhere — it’s even prescribed by doctors. Beware, says one captain. Here’s what crew should know. CBD. Everyone’s using it, so it’s OK. Right? Not…

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