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Lean Green Machines

Toys are crucial to making charters exciting, but they're not always the most eco-friendly. These innovative toys are offering new eco-friendly ways to play.

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Performance + Preservation = Win2 for Tenders

As the yachting industry continues to get greener, tenders are becoming more eco-friendly. Here are a few examples of how boatbuilders are working hard to bridge the gap between performance and ocean preservation.

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Russian-owned yachts stuck in muddied legal waters

What can and will happen to oligarch-owned vessels is open to interpretation and likely to have far-reaching consequences.

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Seizure, Sanctions & Secrecy: The collateral impact on crew

Russia’s war on Ukraine and the resulting sanctions on many Russian-owned yachts have had hard and varied consequences for this industry. Triton asked captains and crew how the fallout has affected them personally.

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Fueling the Future

For zero-emission goals to be reached, vessels need zero-emission fuels to run on. The race is on to rid the superyacht industry of fossil fuels. So, what will power yachts…

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