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JD Anson worked for more than 20 years as a chief engineer on yachts. He is project manager at Fine Line Marine Electric in Fort Lauderdale.

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Don’t overlook the obvious: Anchor maintenance tips

Making sure anchor gear stays in top shape is vital, because anchor failure never happens at a convenient time!

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Proper toolkits are uncommon

Multi-million dollar boats are stocked with everything you can imagine, except proper toolkits.

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Creative record keeping for the engine room

A well-devised system for engine room logs facilitates timely maintenance, keeps junior watchkeepers on their toes, and can head off potential catastrophes.

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Getting the tow where it needs to go

Power load, weather conditions, and size of the mothership are only a few of the factors that must be considered. Drag a large tender behind a 164-foot (50m) motor yacht…

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Engineers Have the Edge in Refits

It’s up to the engineer to know what a yacht needs and what a yacht wants — and to clarify the difference.

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Supply shortage calls for creativity in the engine room

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Nimble engineers know there is more than one way to skin a cat. Despite some setbacks, the world is slowly emerging from the depths of the COVID pandemic. Nations are…

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Engineer’s Angle: Antiviral action starts at home – especially when home is a yacht

Engineer’s Angle: by JD Anson The world has awakened to a new day, a new normal. Worldwide pandemic is now a real thing, and it calls for real measures. Governments…

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Engineer’s Angle: Rush of repairs courts disaster

Engineer’s Angle: JD Anson Many times during repairs, engineers are rushed to complete the task and get the system running again. Unfortunately, this means that often safety systems and protections…

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Engineer’s Angle: Engine room checks not just for engineers

Engineer’s Angle: by JD Anson Yachts are lovely examples of craftsmanship and luxury. They are also, frankly, slow. Thus, a trip that would take but a few hours in the…

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Engineer’s Angle: Tow, tow, tow your boat gently ’cross the (Gulf) stream

Engineer’s Angle: by JD Anson The recent arms race in tender size has begun to present some interesting challenges. For all but the very largest of yachts, gone are the…

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