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Keith Murray, a former firefighter EMT, owns The CPR School, a first-aid training company. He provides onboard training for yacht captains and crew and sells and services AEDs. Contact him at 877-6-AED-CPR, 877-623-3277 or

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Practice safe CPR in the Age of COVID

Someone has collapsed and needs CPR. But what about the risk of getting COVID-19? There’s no barrier mask in sight, and no time to find one. Here’s how to give the appropriate emergency response.

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Sea Sick: Quick action required when COVID-19 comes on board

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray Today, as I am writing this, the experts are still learning about the coronavirus. In this column I am going to point out what is…

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Sea Sick: Avoiding shingles worth every penny

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray As I write this, I can still feel the nerve pain and headache from shingles. It has been over three weeks and, although the pain…

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Sea Sick: If someone is impaled, don’t pull out the object

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray Many of you reading this column  who are over the age of 50 may remember the 1969 Jerry Lewis movie “Hook, Line and Sinker” in…

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Sea Sick: It’s annual checkup time for first-aid kits

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray It’s that time of year again. Time to buy a new calendar, make New Year’s resolutions and go through your first-aid medical kit. The first…

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Sea Sick: Here’s the drill when the flu is aboard

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray Flu season in the U.S. generally occurs between October and May, and typically peaks between December and February. Flu, or influenza, is a highly contagious…

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Sea Sick: Commit these CPR steps to memory; seconds count

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray Many of you reading this may be walking around the Fort Lauderdale boat show. Regardless of where you are, do you know what to do…

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Sea Sick: Don’t wait for emergency to realize CPR skills rusty

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray The holiday season is fast approaching, which for many of us means tourist season is also fast approaching.  Where I live in Jupiter, Florida, it…

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Sea Sick: When stroke signs appear, fast action is critical

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray Earlier this year, American actor Luke Perry died from a stroke at the age of 52. Here are some other famous people who also died…

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Sea Sick: Dry drowning can occur long after victim has been ‘rescued’

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray We all know what drowning is, but what about dry drowning?  When a person falls in the water accidentally, often they inhale or gasp and…

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