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Keith Murray, a former firefighter EMT, owns The CPR School, a first-aid training company. He provides onboard training for yacht captains and crew and sells and services AEDs. Contact him at 877-6-AED-CPR, 877-623-3277 or

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Sea Sick: If crew can’t pass this AED quiz, it’s time for a first-aid refresher

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray We all know what follows next when a TV doctor shouts, “Clear!” It means someone is going to get shocked by a defibrillator. But just…

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Sea Sick: Disabling tick diseases can be hard to diagnose

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray Something about things that feed off my blood tends to raise the hair on the back of my neck. One of those things is a tick.…

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Sea Sick: Washing hands is crucial onboard

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray In the past, we have covered complex and dramatic lifesaving topics in this column. This month, I want to talk about something very basic that…

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Sea Sick: Quick, someone’s choking! What do you do?

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray You are having lunch with a crew mate, talking about the busy schedule for the day, and suddenly he stands up and looks directly at…

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Sea Sick: IVs best left to medical pros

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray I have been asked by several yacht captains if I offer onboard training for crew on how to properly insert an IV.  Always a little…

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Sea Sick: Spots that don’t heal could be skin cancer

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray May is “Skin Cancer Awareness Month,” so that will be the focus of this month’s column. I realize that the vast majority of my readers…

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Sea Sick: Medical emergencies happen; are you prepared?

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray Medical emergencies happen every day.  These emergencies can be accidental, such as car accidents, falls and cuts; health-related, such as heart attacks and strokes; or…

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Sea Sick: The truth about norovirus

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray What is the norovirus? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes it as a very contagious virus that can infect anyone. It can be…

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Sea Sick: Symptoms of heart attack not what you expect

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray In February we think of Valentine’s Day, and the symbol for Valentine’s Day is the heart. So I thought it fitting that we discuss the…

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Sea Sick: Update first-aid gear at start of new year

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray It’s that time of year again.  Time to buy a new calendar, make New Year’s resolutions and go through your first-aid medical kit. Although checking…

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