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Keith Murray, a former firefighter EMT, owns The CPR School, a first-aid training company. He provides onboard training for yacht captains and crew and sells and services AEDs. Contact him at 877-6-AED-CPR, 877-623-3277 or

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Sea Sick: Carbon monoxide killed many after hurricane

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray Recently my home state of Florida was hit by Hurricane Irma. When you ask people in Florida what the leading cause of death was from Hurricane…

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Sea Sick: Best time to make a living will is now

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray Typically, my monthly column involves medical emergencies at sea. This month I wanted to talk about end-of-life medical issues. Most people prefer not to talk…

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Sea Sick: Pneumonia is not contagious, but its sources are

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray We have all heard of pneumonia, but how many people really know what pneumonia is? Is it contagious? How can we treat it? Can it…

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Sea Sick: ‘Pulse ox’ a vital part of every first-aid kit

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray A common question people ask me is: “What medical equipment should I have on my boat and at home?” The Top 2 inexpensive machines I…

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Sea Sick: Ask for training on low-cost EpiPen alternatives

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray Last year I wrote a column about anaphylaxis (pronounced “ana-fi-lax-is”) and how to treat it with an EpiPen.  At the time, there were countless news…

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Yachting life requires vigilance in avoiding sun-damaged skin

This morning I am putting the finishing touches on this column, then getting ready to head out for fun in the sun on my boat. Although I really enjoy the…

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Sea Sick: Take a second to test first aid skills

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray Last month, we created a CPR quiz to test crew’s knowledge about CPR and AEDs. This month we are going to once again test your…

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Sea Sick: Think you know CPR? Take this quiz

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray I am often surprised by the number of people I encounter who tell me they know how to perform CPR. When I teach a class,…

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Sea Sick: Best aid for snake bites is antivenom, medical care

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray One of the most common questions I am asked when teaching a first-aid class onboard a yacht is about snake bites. Just how deadly are…

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Sea Sick: Shingles most common in older adults, weak immune systems

Sea Sick: by Keith Murray Last month, a friend called to tell me he had shingles, and no, he was not talking about his roof. Most of us have heard…

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