Larry Rumbol

Larry D. Rumbol has 40 years of expertise in marine condition monitoring and is marine business development manager with Spectro | Jet-Care in the United Kingdom, United States and Switzerland.

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Machinery Matters: Filters are more than just ‘a sock in a tin’

“Filters are just a sock in a tin.” That was a scornful remark made by an engineer who had suffered the ignominy of a dress-down by the filter company representative…

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A look at and inside Pendennis

Let us first set the scene, as the location of this shipyard is very much a part of its DNA. Cornwall is a county in England, right at the southwestern…

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A few questions for Pendennis MD Toby Allies

A question-and-answer conversation between Larry Rumbol and Toby Allies, joint managing director of Pendennis Shipyard. Q. Toby, do you think Pendennis Shipyard occupies a niche sector that has been at…

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Machinery Matters: There’s a reason the squeaky wheel gets the grease

Machinery Matters: by Larry D. Rumbol Iconic singer songwriters are not known for their engineering wisdom, yet James Taylor put it rather succinctly: “I think it’s true what they say…

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Machinery Matters: Hydraulics without histrionics

Machinery Matters: By Larry D. Rumbol I once had a charming aunt who used the word hydraulics in place of far more colorful language when something had gone unexpectedly wrong.…

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Machinery Matters: Making a lab analysis report work for you

Machinery Matters: by Larry D. Rumbol Oil analysis is one of those tasks that should be de rigueur on a superyacht. Like brushing one’s teeth, there is no immediate benefit…

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Machinery Matters: Don’t let fuel FAME live forever

Machinery Matters: by Larry Rumbol The words from the musical “Fame” could almost have been written as a biodiesel mantra: “Fame! We’re gonna live forever”. That’s a reality if operators…

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Machinery Matters: Why condition monitoring is best practice

Machinery Matters: by Larry D. Rumbol “Condition monitoring” is one of those phrases one hears in conferences and learned corners of the dock. Those really familiar with it call it…

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