Lauren Loudon

Lauren Loudon has worked as a yacht chef and stew since 2013. She hails from Lancashire, England.

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The ‘perfect time’ to transition out of yachting never comes

There were more than a few life lessons in store when a yacht chef found herself trying to open a cafe in England while on charter season in the Caribbean…

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Crew Compass: COVID doesn’t touch us, until it does

Crew Compass: by Lauren Loudon Just like most people everywhere in the world, it has been a whirlwind of a few months for me. It is safe to say that…

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Crew Compass: English Harbour never fails to warm the heart

Crew Compass: by Lauren Loudon Traveling brings a lot of joy to me, hence the choice of this job. And over the years, a few places in particular have left…

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Crew Compass: Storm holdup reminder of ‘food chain’ effect

Crew Compass: by Lauren Loudon Last month, I touched on the unpredictability of yachting and how the unknown can affect all of us involved in the yachting food chain. Shortly…

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Crew Compass: Yachting life a challenge, a blessing

Crew Compass: by Lauren Loudon A friend and I were recently discussing the pros and cons of the industry, and it got me thinking about the way we wind ourselves…

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Crew Compass: Invest in yourself – it’s as simple as the click of a button

Crew Compass: by Lauren Loudon I’ve recently written about having a side hustle while in yachting and what a challenge it is to find the time for everything when days…

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Crew Compass: Time for yourself is crucial

Crew Compass: by Lauren Loudon Working on yachts is about as full-on as you get when it comes to a full-time job. Living at work means that even when we…

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Crew Compass: Friendships in yachting can be like ships passing in the night

Crew Compass: by Lauren Loudon Constantly meeting new people, traveling the world and eating great food – it’s undeniable that the perks of the yachting industry come in abundance. That,…

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Crew Compass: It’s OK to admit things are not OK

Crew Compass: by Lauren Loudon All the media attention on increasing  concerns about mental health in recent times raises interesting questions that can be related to anybody. I’ve seen a…

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Crew Compass: Social media offers community for chefs

Crew Compass: by Lauren Loudon Although all yachts are different, there’s generally a basic pyramid that makes up the crew. Needless to say, the bigger the boat, the bigger the…

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