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Hidden Gems: Florida

Whether on land or on water, it’s all about location, location, location. No matter how spectacular a marina is, if it takes you too far off course, or is just…

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Hidden Gems: Potomac

Cruising up the majestic Potomac River – the second largest tributary of the Chesapeake Bay – is a breathtaking rite of passage for any boater. In 1608 John Smith mapped the Potomac, President George Washington was born, lived and died on it, and our nation’s capital was established on it. It’s a waterway that shaped our country. It's as enticing and intriguing now as it was then.

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Hidden Gems: Cambridge

– Sponsored Content – What boaters find when they arrive in Cambridge, is a wonderfully boatable, friendly and walkable city. What often surprises, and always delights them, is the contagious…

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