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Peter Herm is the pen name for a real yacht owner who is an entrepreneur based on the East Coast of the U.S. It comes from Pieter Harmensz, original owner of the oldest known stock certificate in 1606, issued for a Dutch company with the largest shipping fleet in the world. Comments on this column are welcome at

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Owner’s View: Best crew are expert local guides on, off the water

Owner’s View: by Peter Herm It is a given that a crew’s primary goal in life (OK, in their work life) is to make every boat guest’s experience incredible while on…

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Captains must earn the right to be treated like a CEO

Owner’s View: by Peter Herm Captains regularly bring up the issue of owners interfering in the management of the crew and the management of the boat in general. They point…

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Owner’s View: Boat shows can build a crew member’s career

Owner’s View by Peter Herm As always, I am counting down the days until the start of the Miami Boat Show and Yachts Miami Beach. It should be on every crew…

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Why owners like, use and buy big boats

There are myriad reasons why owners choose to endure the significant cost of big-boat ownership. Some use their boats as a business tool, many as a way to keep families…

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There’s one more step after selling a boat: Take care of the crew

The goal of most of the exhibitors at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is to sell boats. From the anecdotal stories I heard during the show, this year’s was…

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Even non-boat shows prove beneficial for making contacts, learning stuff

As readers may recall, I am a big believer that captains and crew should attend all of the major boat shows. I believe we learn things and meet people we…

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Update: Crew light on whines, heavy on plans, budgets, details

By Peter Herm In previous months, I have written about our crew inherited with the current boat in Europe. We got lucky. Over the past 15 months, we have experienced…

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Instead of under promising, try over delivering

As in any business, captains and crew are not in complete control of the outcomes of almost anything they do. They cannot control the weather, mechanical malfunctions, vendors, contractors or…

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Navigate fine line of owner/crew communication

I find myself harping on communication constantly among owners and crew. A great crew/owner relationship is built on constant communication, but sometimes it can be too much and done incorrectly.…

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Foster relationships for mutual trust during customization

Just as in all relationships, trust between owners and crew takes time and effort to develop. But once a mutually trusting relationship has been created, its value in boating is…

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