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Peter Herm is the pen name for a real yacht owner who is an entrepreneur based on the East Coast of the U.S. It comes from Pieter Harmensz, original owner of the oldest known stock certificate in 1606, issued for a Dutch company with the largest shipping fleet in the world. Comments on this column are welcome at

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Owner cannot stand in the way between a yacht captain and crew

In the December From the Bridge captains lunch article, captains discussed the chain of command and the state of the crew pool in South Florida. I was struck by the…

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Owners don’t want to hear ‘no’; try ‘yes but…’

Owners of big boats are not generally known to enjoy hearing the word no from anyone. The income required to support our yachting habit is often concurrent with a healthy ego…

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Diverse knowledge, special skills attractive to yacht captains

Ft. Lauderdale’s boat show was awesome. I met lots of new people, toured many great boats and reconnected with old friends and crew, as always. There were even some chairs…

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Dress the part, smile and welcome all to greatest show on earth

This month, captains and crew will have their greatest career opportunity of 2015: attending the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Crew who are not near Ft. Lauderdale should buy a…

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Owner’s gain, crew’s pain when yacht tenders towed

In 30 years of big boating, I had never towed a tender until last season. Now that I have done it, I will not go back to little blow-up boats.…

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Owner happy with crew who listen, work hard, deliver

I am not a pro at cruising the Med (yet), but I must say we did have fun in the Balearics this summer, despite the crowds. The crew on my…

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Spiff for sale should come from owner, not broker

I read the recent article discussing captain/broker relationships with great interest. [Triton Survey, July issue] Owners have a slightly different view from many of the opinions expressed. I think most…

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Proactively offer solutions for yacht captain and owner

As a family man, I value time with my kids. They will be grown and off on their own too soon. People say that, but it’s really true. Once they…

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New yacht, crew, flag kick off adventure in the Med

The new boat has been bought. It’s about the same size as the last boat that I shared with two partners who overworked the captain and his team because we…

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Owner’s required level of service sets crew requirements

My last column on crew utilization generated some interesting comments, for which I am thankful. The crazy chef issue continues, but for $80,000 a year, it still seems like there…

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