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Susan Jobe is the Editor-in-Chief of Triton News.

Chefs to the rescue!

After Hurricane Ian brought destruction southwest Florida, longtime yacht chef Adrienne Gang helped serve over 640,000 meals to impacted communities.

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Lost & Found

A high-flying hitchhiker finds her way home with some help from a quick-thinking crew.

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From the Bridge: Hook, line and sinker

Triton met with captains via Zoom recently for a “From the Bridge” roundtable on what it’s like to run a sportfish boat. The consensus? Sportfish life is far less formal and much more interactive — and much more fun, the true aficionados say.

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From the Bridge: Captains Talk About Refit Challenges

Refits have always been problematic, but the fallout from COVID has only made them more complicated than ever.

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Yacht Chef Tackles Epic Challenge for a Cause

When it comes to helping others, Chef Helgi Olafson is willing to go the distance — 2,850 miles, to be exact.

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Wi-Fi at Warp Speed

Reliable internet access is quickly becoming more than a luxury or even an expectation in our increasingly connected world — eventually, it will be a nonnegotiable necessity for owners, guests and crew alike. How do we get there from here? Could Starlink hold the key?

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From the Bridge: Captains consider future of yachting

What will it be like to command a yacht 50 years from now? This month, Triton gathered with a small group of captains to talk about the future of yachting.…

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