The Marine Leadership Group

The Marine Leadership Group
+1 (561) 301-9118
Fort Lauderdale
United States
Business Description

We are dedicated to transforming the marine industry by increasing your leadership capacity no matter your rank or cultural background.

Whether you’re a Captain, Engineer, First Mate, Bosun, or Stewardess our workshops will develop and enhance your skills to give you the competitive edge.

OUR PHILOSOPHY is based on the core belief that anyone can be a leader. Our programs begin with personal assessments and self-discovery and help lay the foundation for your success.

OUR GOAL is to give captains and crew the tools they need to propel their careers forward!  We are committed to helping you work in an environment where trust thrives, morale is high, loyalty abounds and engagement can flourish!

WHY US? Unlike generic land based training programs, our course content has been tailored to the requirements of marine personnel. We’re different from other marine training organizations in that our in-depth course material comes from an academic foundation, built on 70+ years of social science. Our instructors won’t waste your time telling stories. We’ll give you the tools you need to succeed in your challenging role through activities and hands on situations. We expect you to excel when you leave our courses and we equip you to do so.

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