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Yacht runs full speed into turn-around, guests, crew schedules

I am on a flight returning from a week on my boat in an unnamed island group in the Caribbean. (Un-named only because I am writing a scathing story about…

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Captains, boat shows feed the dream for yacht owners

The Miami boat show was an interesting experience, as always. Boat shows are not just about selling boats today or next month, but serve a valuable role in setting the…

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A captain-owner conflict: Slow down and save

One of the biggest stories in the boat business over the past six months has been the free fall in fuel prices. This changes the economics for many boat owners…

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Owner happiness depends on communication

The most successful crew/owner relationships are based upon clear, consistent communication of mutual expectations. This is not something unique to yachting, but a key ingredient of any good business relationship…

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Having fun on yachts is all about the crew

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As a yacht (they are all just boats to me) owner and avid reader of The Triton, I suggested to Editor Lucy Chabot Reed that Triton readers might benefit from…

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