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Freighter completes Northwest Passage

A massive freighter completed a voyage through the hazardous Arctic Northwest Passage for the first time in late September, according to a story by the Reuters news service.    …

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Northwest Passage road less traveled

By Capt. Liam Devlin As the ice scraped and bumped along the hull, the ice floes we were amongst were a hell of a lot bigger than they had looked…

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Corsica: the other island

It seems that everybody and their metaphorical dog want to go to Sardinia. For my tastes, the whole island is outrageously expensive. If you are a commercial yacht on charter,…

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Baker’s Haulover Inlet in Florida offers a thorny passage

By Dorie Cox January 21, 2009 Of more than 60 inlets in Florida, Bakers Haulover Inlet is one that requires clear local knowledge or just plain avoidance, say local captains.…

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Returning to Athens in time for the Games

By Capt. Alex Greenson During my 15 years in yachting, I have travelled all over the world, including many trips to the Eastern Med, in particular the waters of Greece.…

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