Culinary Waves: Not much to beef about when it comes to cooking tenderloin

Culinary Waves: by Chef Mary Beth Lawton Johnson In a yachting career that has spanned decades on board various private and charter yachts, I have cooked my fair share of…

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Crew’s Mess: Stuffed Bacon Meatloaf

Crew’s Mess: by Capt. John Wampler I am pre-positioning a 70-foot motor yacht to Nassau for the owner-operator, who will fly in direct from the Northeast (I fly out) and…

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Take It In: Navigate the breakfast dilemma

Take It In: by Carol Bareuther To eat breakfast or not? A new study published in the January issue of the British Medical Journal has threatened to overturn the ages-old…

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Stew Cues: Table seating, service order dictated by varying factors

Stew Cues: by Alene Keenan Some of the most frequently asked questions I get regarding mealtimes are how to seat the guests at the table and where to begin service.…

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Crew Compass: Sabbatical brings bittersweet joy, jet lag, doubts

Crew Compass: by Lauren Loudon Stepping off the boat I’d called home for the past two years and saying goodbye to the crew that had become family was a feeling…

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From the Bridge: Do not mess with yacht crew meals

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From the Bridge: by Dorie Cox Yacht crew pack in a boatload of duties each day, usually several tasks at the same time. But there are limits to multitasking when…

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Triton Networking visits Culinary Convenience

Triton Networking resumes in 2019 on the third Wednesday in January with Culinary Convenience, the one-stop supply and equipment store for chefs. Celebrating 16 years in business this year, store…

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