MarineMax supports VISAR

Charter company MarineMax Vacations has donated $4,600 to support Virgin Islands Search and Rescue efforts. VISAR is an independent, volunteer-based nonprofit organization funded almost entirely by charitable donations. It provides…

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Solomon Islands offer solitude, beauty, best diving

Story and photos by Kevin Davidson “Wow, that’s a beautiful boat. Are you the owner?” I hear that a lot from folks who stroll along the marina pier. It’s nice…

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Superyacht emphasis continues at The Marina at Christophe Harbour

Story and photos by Carol Bareuther and Dean Barnes About a dozen yachts were docked at The Marina at Christophe Harbor on St. Kitts the last Friday of 2018. These…

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Stew Cues: Advance service skills with detailed knowledge of menus

Stew Cues: by Alene Keenan Learning is one of the most important activities of your life. Most stews reach a point where they want to learn more sophisticated service abilities.…

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