From the Bridge: Satellite technology a make-or-break issue

From the Bridge: by Dorie Cox Satellite domes and antennae top most large yachts, and satellite-enabled devices are everywhere on board. Announcements of the “world’s fastest, lightest, ultra-compact, secure” satellite…

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Taking the Helm: Leaders born in the course of leading

Taking the Helm: by Paul Ferdais Leadership is often discussed in terms of what the “heroic” leader does, what we should aspire to achieve as leaders, or what an author…

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Rules of the Road: NZ considers charter yacht rules for 2021 Cup

Rules of the Road: Capt. Jake DesVergers Maritime New Zealand is currently considering how the regulatory regime will apply to yachts visiting New Zealand for the 36th America’s Cup in…

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A doctor explains how to best work with your phone-based medical provider

By Dr. Robert Quigley A very important person on board had an unfortunate run-in with a sea urchin. She is in extreme pain, and you need to get her assistance…

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Sea Science: Weather routing is wise hedge against problematic conditions

Sea Science: by Jordanna Sheermohamed Heading out on the high seas can be an adventure filled with endless skies and eternal horizons, provided said skies remain cooperative. Even the most…

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