Sea Science

How to spot a rip current and get past it

More than 100 drownings occur each year in the United States due to rip currents. In Florida, more people are killed annually by rip currents than hurricanes, tornadoes and sharks,combined.…

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Invisible killer: Electrocution while swimming in your boat slip

People die each year in the U.S. while swimming in fresh water around boats and piers with alternating current (AC) shore power; seven persons in 2012 alone. Electric Shock Drowning…

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Vast oceans are actually thin layers covering the globe

We all have a mental image of the mighty Atlantic – vast and abyssal with average depth of 2.4 miles and the Puerto Rico Trench exceeding 5 miles. Not surprisingly,…

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Mosquito bites may do more than bug you – they can make you sick

Besides being pests, mosquitoes can carry and transmit numerous diseases.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that mosquitoes kill more than one million people a year through the…

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Atmospheric fronts the driving force behind meteo-tsunamis

Tsunamis are well known for their inundation of coastal regions in the South Pacific, but most Floridian boaters have little concern with this natural process. Guess again. Tsunamis of a…

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